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About us

What is huunana

Huunana is a combination of sports management and leisure cultural concepts company. We intended to offer a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle to all our users.


What does huunana stand for

The name Huunana came from the word 'Hula auana'. Hula is the Hawaiian dance, and 'auana' it means to wonder, to drift, which Huunana want people to have a relaxing yet healthy lifestyle. Also, the way Huunana uses the double 'uu' is to represent the form of 'w'ater, which is essential in our life.

We care

Our clients are our top priority. Huunana is very selective during its product procurement process, which allows us to maximise our potential when presenting and delivering outstanding quality and services to maintain Huunana's ultimate mission, to hope our clients have a healthy life.

All matters

It's not just our users are our top priority, huunana also cares for our little blue sphere, Earth. We try to minimise the threat that might damage Earth by using recycled plastics or eco friendly materials.

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Trade shows

Take a closer look into our previous amazing trade shows.

Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo


Open for photos

11-13 August, 2017

KITEC, 3/F Rotunda Hall, Booth No.: M02



Open for photos

April 27-30, 2017

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Booth No.: 1B-F22



Open for photos

April 27-30, 2018

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Booth No.: 1B-F22


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